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For information on Texas License to Carry Certification Courses


We will soon be providing NRA Certified firearm safety and instruction courses as well as
Self-Defense Products.

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If you decide to purchase from another dealer, we also provide a transfer service for firearms; whether purchased from the internet or a private sale.

When puchasing a firearm from a licensed online dealer, it is very simple for us to perform the transfer. If we are not already on file with the dealer, you can request a copy of our license to be sent to the seller (or) they can access through this website HERE

Please bring identification appropriate for conducting a background check, since this is a necessary part of the transfer procedure (A valid Drivers License is preferred). If you have a valid Texas License to Carry (LTC) a background check is not required.

If you are conducting a private sale, I can perform the transfer between the seller and the buyer. A background check will be conducted and the transfer will be documented on an ATF form 4473. I suggest a bill of sale be presented as well from the seller stating price, model, serial number and any other information pertaining to the sale. I can also provide a bill of sale document for an additional $5.00.

The cost for a transfer is $25.00 for the first gun and $10 for each additional.
Military personnel with a valid ID (Active or non-active) $20
It is now easier than ever to get your License to Carry a A Handgun (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License) in Texas! Just watch the videos online from anywhere and on any computer, smartphone or tablet. At only 4 hours long, this easy online Texas LTC class can be completed in no time. Watch as little or as much of the online LTC class at a time with progress saved as you watch each video segment.

•Official Texas DPS approved online License to Carry class

•Get certified online

•Instant access to the class after purchase

•Take the class on your smartphone, tablet or computer

•Start and stop as many times as needed. 6 months provided to complete the class.

This class provides the mandated training for obtaining your Texas License to Carry (LTC/CHL). Learn about gun laws, firearms safety, deescalation techniques and more. At the completion of the class, the LTC-101 certificate of completion will be immediately available to download.

To obtain your Texas LTC, the proficiency demonstration must be completed with an LTC instructor after the successful completion of the online class. This is a requirement set by Texas DPS and is the same for all online LTC classes.